Company's Culture

Designed in France since 1974 by

The company history begins in 1974, with a deep desire to challenge combining different concepts.

Luxury: Connolly the world most famousleather tannery, which was the official supplier the Queen of England and the most beautiful cars in the world such as Bentley et Aston Martin, leans BERENGIER to support the French market for furniture and automotive. Naturally, Alcantara knock on the door and gave the yacht market to handle.

Technical expertise: The simili leather then takes an important place in the catalog of Berengier, which is becoming an OEM supplier of the largest boat builder with products adapted to a difficult outdoor and marinel environment. Berengier develops products whose characteristics fit that exceptional constraints

Design: In contrast to the existing offers leather, Berengier wants to be more constructive, forecast, anticipate combining a collection, the animal grain to grain technique, a rainbow of colors through shades metal.

Berengier® Trendy Fabrics concentrates the essence of these three principles, Luxury, Design and Expertise to which we added the ethics.

The Ethics: Our desire for flexibility and authenticity has naturally led us to work only with european sources to ensure a guarantee of quality.

BTF: The Editor and Expert